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*** From the author of The Christmas Sisters and The Last Belles ***
DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK, IT’S WONDERFUL. – Beth Harbison, NYT Bestselling author
If you enjoyed The Christmas Sisters or The Last Belles, you will fall in love with Dixie.
A small southern town, an old family secret, a man who has to change his life or risk losing his daughter and a woman who wants to help them all without losing her mind – little does she know she’s about to lose her heart. Dixie is in deep and it’s the best thing that ever happened to her.

What readers are saying:

Deep Dixie is chock-full of honest-to-goodness ‘characters.’ You know the kind…lively, sassy, spunky, vivacious and truly unforgettable! The manner in which author Annie Jones handles one particular ‘touchy’ subject is inspiring. Deep Dixie is a story that will teach you that family comes in all shapes and sizes…and colors (like cotton-candy-orange…ha!), that true forgiveness is a real blessing, and that if God sends help during times of trouble, you’d reach out and grab it…even if you think that help looks suspiciously like the king of the ‘great big Bubba-goobers.’ I loved this book.

About the Author:

Award winning author, Annie Jones specializes in character driven stories that make you laugh and warm your heart. She lives in Kentucky countryside with her husband, her children, three dogs and two cats… at least that was the last count but you never know when another kitty may show up.

THIS JUST IN – In progress, that is. The sequel to the Christmas Sisters is on hold for a few days as I edit a backlist book that wasn’t published – IOW the series was cancelled but the book was done. Am going to launch a new series with it and hope to have 2, Christmas and Summer.

Irish Eyes and Irish Rogue are up now! These are a pair of my favorite sweet romances. They were originally released in the Inspirational market but now are more traditional sweet romances… I confess, I wanted to put in more kisses and anticipation and I think it works!

Currently hard at work on the sequel to THE CHRISTMAS SISTERS – Are Nic and Sam married yet? And will the youngest Dorsey sister, Collier, find romance? I am so excited to go back to Persuasion and spend time with them again.

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